Arch’M is an architecture firm based in Gandhinagar, dealing with all types of projects  like residential, offices, housing and interiors. Arch’M stands for Architecture of Mayur Shivam ; the principle architect and founder of the firm. Mayur Shivam is a young self-motivated architect with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from CEPT University (center for environment planning and technology), Ahmedabad. Arch’M is enriched by his experience in profession and his passion towards architecture; but most important his moral values. The firm has a deep root of moral values and ethics for services we provide and design we do. We have a strong desire to do our best every time and that makes us unique.

In Arch’M we design for people who use our buildings. We believe that built environment should not only meet the requirements of its users; the context, content and budgets, but also the socio-cultural need (formed by contemporary lifestyle) of people. Hence our Architecture emerges from the idea that built environment is not just a physical form, a morphology but a response to its context, content and contemporary life. In the age of globalization, it is so important to manifest the cultural values in built environment (architecture/interior/urban) irrespective of its scale, for shaping the identity/character of it. Therefore, all our designs are unique as they create an eye catching visuals and healthy living conditions yet they share common principles.

We explore all the projects to their full extent in terms of designs, architectural form, planning and finishes irrespective of their size and scale hence each project is developed as per subjective thoughts which leads to shape an identity to each of them.

In addition, we like to accept the challenge to convert the existing building into modern day marvel, thus the firm have an interesting portfolio of restoration projects as well.